Vacation Condo Glossary

Key terms defined to assist you in using

Check-In Date – The assigned date and day of week the vacation rental begins. Commencing on the check-in date, the seven-day vacation condominium rental period begins. For example, if the check-in date is on a Friday, the vacation rental ends on the following Friday. You need not check-in on the specific check-in date, but it is strongly advised that you contact the resort to inform them of the date you plan to arrive. Arrival on a date other than the check-in date does not extend the vacation condominium rental period beyond the scheduled check-out day.

Check-In Time – The time at which you may check-in to the vacation condominium rental. If you are unable to check-in at such time, please contact the vacation condominium (the telephone number appears on the confirmation certificate) in advance as you may need to make special arrangements. Check-in and check-out times vary by vacation condominium, so please see your confirmation certificate for exact times.

Maximum (non-private)/Private Occupancy – Maximum occupancy refers to the maximum number of people a vacation condominium will accommodate; private occupancy refers to the number of people that a vacation condominium will accommodate allowing for two people per separate sleeping area with private access to a bathroom. For example, a two-bedroom unit can accommodate four people privately, but can sleep six people in total.