Getaways are resort accommodations of up to seven nights. Interval cannot guarantee the fulfillment of
a specific request. Holidays and highly demanded weeks are generally not available through the Program.

Getaway confirmations are FINAL and NONREFUNDABLE.

Getaway accommodations may only be used for personal and noncommercial purposes. Only the individual
named on the confirmation and persons traveling with that individual may occupy the accommodations.
Members are expressly prohibited from selling or renting their Getaway accommodations or otherwise
using them for commercial purposes.

Where the Member will not be occupying the confirmed Getaway resort accommodations, a Guest
Certificate may be obtained. The Member is responsible for the acts and omissions of the individuals
occupying the resort accommodations, including any loss or damage to the resort or the accommodations.
Individuals under the age of 21 are not eligible to receive a Guest Certificate.

The applicable Getaway fee is based upon the unit size, the location of the accommodations, and the
occupancy date, and is subject to any applicable tax. Some jurisdictions have imposed a tax on the
occupant of resort accommodations. Consequently, any bed tax, transient occupancy tax, or similar tax
that is imposed shall, in those circumstances,be the responsibility of the Getaway purchaser. The
Member may be required to contact the resort to which he/she is confirmed prior to arrival to prepay
taxes and certain other resort fees. Additionally, the Member is responsible for all personal charges (e.g.,
telephone calls, meals, and use of resort amenities) at the resort, and any mandatory all-inclusive meal
plan or other permissible charges imposed by the resort, as well as any damage to or loss or theft from the
resort accommodations and facilities that are caused by Members or their guests.

Interval reserves the right to limit the number of Getaway confirmations issued to a particular Member
annually or during in any given occupancy period or the number of units confirmed to a Member for any
given resort or travel date. Additional terms and conditions may apply.

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